Remix “Overremixed Identities” by Frankie&RikiAbi

overremixed Identities Remix artwork

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This is a remix by my friends and fellow musicians Frankie&RikiAbi of the Demiurgo’s track Overwritten Identities (from the album Holographic Ghost Stories). Here is what Riki sais about it:

I thought it was a great track. When I first heard it was not understanding well it was a 6/8 and I started figuring out a different rhythm for the developement. Then I thought there was room for polyrhythm and polymeter and the idea of going psytrance started to form.
As usual from Frankie&RikiAbi, the psytrance style choice is not taken as canonic 😀 but re-interpreted for listening/meditative mood.

The result is a track over space and time, past and future, and a present we trying to get the best from. Same as our friendship, started when we were 12 until now that we are well over 40’s and split in different nations. though we could succeed to re-connect through modern technologies and make music together again!

~ Released August 10, 2021

Artwork by Frankie&RikiAbi

Music by Riccardo Galantini aka RikiAbi and Paolo Di Pierdomenico aka Demiurgo


Overremixed Identities – official music video

Music video by Frankie&RikiAbi