Album “Holographic Ghost Stories”

Holographic Ghost Stories artwork

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The album is a musical journey into a dark cyberpunk world where the boundaries between human and artificial, memories and imagination, life and death, technology and faith are blurred and in constant transformation. The 12 tracks are a blend of electronic styles, IDM/glitch with dubstep and industrial drum patterns, and retrowave synth sounds.

Demiurgo’s compositions avoid excessive repetition and the adoption of most common genre standards. In each track, we find original ideas, changes of measure, unusual structures, complex harmonic evolutions, always remaining on a simple melodic line without ever drifting on the experimental. The use of acid sounds, polyrhythmic overlays, ternary metrics, compelling beats, and the creative use of noise are other distinctive stylistic features.

The main inspirations come from the classics of electronic music such as Jarre and Vangelis, from the progressive electric rock like Mike Oldfield or Ratatat, from chiptune videogame music and horror movies’ soundtracks of the 80s like Goblin or Carpenter. There are strong recalls at the same time to contemporary electronic artists styles like The Glitch Mob, Amon Tobin, Röyksopp, Paul Hartnoll, Trentemøller.


  1. Holographic Ghost Stories
  2. Overwritten Identities
  3. Symbiotic
  4. Lifecycles
  5. Here Ends the Year of Empty Cities
  6. Temple of the Algorithm
  7. Recompile Human Feelings
  8. Epiphany (feat. Frankie&RikiAbi)
  9. After-Lifecycles
  10. A Replicant’s Dream
  11. You Still Appear
  12. Ghost Hacking Chronicles

~ Released June 11, 2021

All tracks composed and produced by Paolo Di Pierdomenico except
“Epiphany” composed by Paolo Di Pierdomenico (aka Demiurgo), Riccardo Galantini and Franco Capuani (aka Frankie&RikiAbi).
Logo and artwork by Luca Tranfaglia


Holographic Ghost Stories – Album Sampler

Music video sampler by Paolo Di Pierdomenico

Holographic Ghost Stories cassette

Holographic Ghost Stories Limited Edition Cassette (acqua version)

⭐ First homemade limited edition, only 30 hand numbered copies available
⭐ Transparent aqua body made of recycled plastic + aqua case.
⭐ Full colour double side inlay card + two stickers
⭐ Dymo labelled on both sides (3 colours for you to choose).
⭐ Continuous mix and special “warm” master with audible saturation.
⭐ Special Ampex tape layback version of “A Replicant’s Dream”
⭐ Exclusive unlisted track “The Turn of the Knob”, short analog synthimprovisation.
⭐ Includes official digital edition + full mp3 dump of the cassette