Single “Overwritten Identities”

Overwritten Identities artwork

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Imagine a future were memories can be brought, sold and exchanged between people. Imagine you have to fight to keep and remeber you identity. This cyberpunk scenario has been imagined and described by Pat Cadigan in his novel “Fools” in 1992. It’s a besutiful sci-fi book that also won the AC Clarke Award. “Overwritten Identities” is inpired by this novel, with layers of poly-rhythmic synth sounds representing the overlapping and merging of personalities.
This track is included in the album Holographic Ghost Stories.
#electronicmusic​ #cyberpunk​ #glitch​ #progwave​ #lofi​ #chiptune​ #synth


~  Released February 19, 2021
Music by Paolo Di Pierdomenico aka Demiurgo

Overwritten Identities – official music video

Music video by Paolo Di Pierdomenico