Single “Temple of the Algorithm”

Temple of the Algorithm cover artwork - electronic music release

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It knows what is best for you.
It will speak to your soul.
It will guide you. You are not alone anymore.
The Algorithm is always with you.
The Algorithm loves you.
Follow the Algorithm.
Praise the Algorithm.

~ Composed in 2020 a medieval monastery in the centre of Italy.

“Temple of the Algorithm” by Demiurgo is an instrumental IDM melodic music track about the correlation between spirituality and technology – in a cyberpunk perspective. The rhythm blends breakbeat and dubstep and the synth sounds recall a retrowave style.

This track is included in the album Holographic Ghost Stories.

* * *

Released March 26, 2021
Music composed and produced by Paolo Di Pierdomenico aka Demiurgo

Temple of the Algorithm – official music video

Music video by Paolo Di Pierdomenico