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dystopia korg prologue custom patches

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New “Dystopia” sound library: 20 hyper-detailed, cinematic, lo-fi, futuristic custom presets for the Korg Prologue 8 and Prologue 16.

I’ve programmed these sounds to bring to life the hybrid nature of the Korg Prologue, unlocking his full potential … Some people feels this synth hasn’t enough modulation capabilities. Well, listening to these sounds he may change his mind.


All the sounds are single layer (no split or combi) so you will have a good polyphony also on a Prologue 8. There are not any dependencies on user oscillators or effects, everything is programmed with the factory features. 

The pack contains:

  • 20 files in korg librarian format, une for each program, that you can load individually into the slots of your Prologue 8 or Prologue 16
  • an instruction file in English on how to load presets using the librarian
  • a patchlist file in excel format and also in a scree or print friendly format.

These sounds are perfect for ambient, lo-fi, synthwave, retrowave, futurisct, electronica, atmospheric, dark, cynerpunk and any cinematic genres, and for many other styles too.

UPDATE: this sound set is now available in an extended version by SYnth Squad also for Minilogue XD. Special offer, check it out here:

~ Released March 5, 2023

All patches by Paolo Di Pierdomenico aka Demiurgo

Presented by Synth Squad – sound design collective


Buy Dystopia - Korg Prologue Sound Library

20 new, hyper detailed custom presets for Korg Prologue 8 or 16

Dystopia extended for Minilogue XD

The Dystopia sound set is now available in an extended version by Synth Squad also for Korg Minilogue XD.

Special offer, special sounds! Check it out.