Single “Thanatos”

Thanatos cover artwork - electronic music release

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“The merciless Thánatos has a heart of iron and a soul of bronze;
once he seizes a mortal, he never lets go.”
(Hesiod – Theogony)

The title is named after the Greek deity opposed to Eros, the terrible Thanatos. The odd rhythms and dark energy evoked in the track well represent this symbol of the instincts of destruction and death present in every man.

“Thanatos’ is inspired by the tradition of horror soundtracks from the 70s and 80s, taking up the progressive traits of music such as Tubular Bells (The Exorcist) by Mike Oldfield, Deep Red and Suspiria by Goblin and John Carpenter’s Halloween, but in the unprecedented electronic declination of the Demiurgo, made up of electro, noise and analogue sounds.

~ released October 31st, 2022 (Bandcamp / Soundcloud) – Novembre 21st, 2022 (all platforms)

Composer: Paolo Di Pierdomenico aka Demiurgo
Artwork: Paolo di Pierdomenico and Luca Tranfaglia


Thanatos – Offical music video

Sound visualizer by Demiurgo

The reworking of the track is in a retrowave, IDM and glitch style. Like sonic phantoms of progressive rock, the odd tempos follow each other in a phrasing that is like a broken labyrinth. (full review)


System Failure

It all starts with this bass and its sonic evolutions. Then more high-pitched synths enter. The overall sound mood is very gothic, appropriate as a soundtrack for Halloween day. (full review)

Felice Capasso

Piazza Cardarelli

The way Thanatos is portrayed by Demiurgo is exceptionally intense, in a dimension of rhythmic contrasts and spirals, with subtle modulations and effected tinklings. The divinity appears with a shattered face: it’s bone-chilling. (full review)

Free Sound Magazine

Demiurgo in this single retraces that all-Italian, rather progressive tradition, blending it in a new and modern electronic vision in a simple and never trivial way. (full review)


Onde Indiependenti

In the blackest darkness we move guided by the sound threads stretched by Demiurgo, … by weaving a web that will envelop you more and more (full review)


Evra Press

Rough, icy, but supported by an uneasy melody, Thanatos is inspired by the tradition of horror soundtracks from the 70s and 80s. (full review)


Shake - Grandi Palle di Fuoco