Single “Lifecycles Live”

Lifecycles Live by Demiurgo - artwork

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Lifecycles Live is a new version of the instrumental song Lifecycles, re-arranged for a live performance, recorded in on take in the studio.

“Feelings come and go like seasons, shaping who we are and what we’ll become after this cycle.”

This DAWless jam was created to mark the second anniversary of the release of Demiurgo’s flagship album Holographic Ghost Stories, in fact the original version of Lifecycles is part of Demiurgo’s flagship album Holographic Ghost Stories, where it was released together with its ‘opposite’ track (i.e. with melody and armony mirrored by an algorithm) After-Lifecycles.

With its warm hybrid sonic palette and immersive atmosphere, “Lifecycle Live” invites listeners on a sonic journey that sparks the imagination. Enjoy.

~ released June 11th, 2023

Composer: Paolo Di Pierdomenico aka Demiurgo
Artwork: Paolo di Pierdomenico


Holographic Ghost Stories CD

Holographic Ghost Stories CD Limited Edition

The Holographic Ghost Stories album is now also available in a special limited edition CD, 4 panel digipack with poster, released at the two-year anniversary. Includes all the 12 original tracks plus 2 remixes.

Lifecycles Live – Official video

Real time performance in the studio by Demiurgo