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Cromelech album artwork

Nighthenge (c)2000 Pete Sutter (Coyote Max Enterprises)


  1. Streets of the Reign’s Gem 1m 57s Music by Paolo Di Pierdomenico
  2. By Shadows and Glory 5m 18s Music by Paolo Di Pierdomenico
  3. Dream To Dust 2m 04s Music by Paolo Di Pierdomenico
  4. Light Chaser 4m 01s Music by Paolo Di Pierdomenico
  5. Ancient Kin 2m 04s Music by Paolo Di Pierdomenico, sounds by Aquila Rift
  6. The Waiting 5m 58s Music by Luca Galli and Paolo Di Pierdomenico, sounds by Aquila Rift
  7. The Clairvoyant Recall 2m 54s Music by Paolo Di Pierdomenico
  8. Feud 4m 31s Music by Luca Galli and Paolo Di Pierdomenico
  9. Escape 3m 54s Music by Paolo Di Pierdomenico

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About Cromelech Project

Cromelech is a project developed by between y 2000 and 2003. The inspiration comes to us from Medieval-Fantasy.
Actually, Cromelech is a sort of fantasy tale in musical shape.
The various tracks that we are developing describe the scenes, characters and key events of the tale; so the music gains a narrative value.

At a first first time, a real tale was created in association with music, that would be the “score”. For example Feud tells abount a battle between two armies; Escape describes a rocambolesque and adventurous jailbreak of a thief. However we after relised that the music without any written text is a better experience for listeners: in this way they can imagine a personal fantasy on their own, inspired by music.

This project is realised with renewed instrumentation: a significative improvement in the sound quality can be noticed in comparison to the previous works.


Cromelech CD review by Stefania Carezzoli, 21st Century Music

From an article publishd by the italian fanzine 21st Century Music in the “Italian electronic circuits” section. Written by Stefania Carezzoli, president of the 21st CM cultural association.

Cromelech (demo) – anno 2002 – durata: 25′16′’

Nuova realizzazione per Paolo e Luca, le cui capacità compositive non hanno fatto che migliorare ancora. Sempre con le loro influenze classiche-barocche, new age, elettroniche, prog e colonne sonore, danno vita ad uno splendido album di ottima qualità. Rimanendo sempre immersi nella passione del medieval-fantasy, si spingono fino a pareggiarsi con i grandi compositori del genere, ovviamente non perdendosi però, rimanendo saldi all’elettronica in sé.
L’uso più svariato di suoni in stile più etnico-tradizionale, mescolati a sequencers e synth dalle stupende sonorità, fanno sì che non ci si stufi mai di questa musica. E’ come sentire una colonna sonora della passione e della fantasia dei Demiurgo, mentre narrano in note una leggenda. Favolose le atmosfere che sanno creare, anche a riproduzione di andamenti più antichi, più delicati e le sequenze più dolci si fanno apprezzare fino in fondo, per il modo in cui sanno penetrare nell’animo. Magnifici i cambiamenti che mutano l’interpretazione, sempre ricchi di melodie grandiose.
Imponente “Feud”, uno dei migliori brani creati dalle abili mani del duo. Che dire di più? Ne sono stata colpita molto positivamente e, ad ogni ascolto, trovo i Demiurgo sempre piu’ interessanti.
Paolo e Luca sono una delle prove che in Italia abbiamo ottimi autori e compositori di un genere che la moltitudine non sa nemmeno che esiste.

Cromelech Demo CD review by Didier Becu, The Original Sin

by Didier Becu, “The Original Sin” webzine

It is always nice if you hear something different and that´s definitely the case for Demiurgo, an Italian band consisting of Paolo Di Pierdomenico and Luca Galli. Their goal is to reach a public (not to sell cd´s as that´s why all their stuff can be downloaded for free) with their electronic music that is more cinematographic then dancefloor-minded (mind you not one discotheque on earth will play their stuff!). “Cromelech” is their latest project and is described as a medieval fantasy….and this is weird, genius as well of course! Imagine music from Bach on a clavecimbel in a sort of electronic way that must be inspired by the legendary Giorgio Moroder and I think „Cromelech” will be the result. Due to it´s medieval character, there is a sort of horror/gothatmosphere around and it just makes you hope that there will be millions of other projects to be followed as Demiurgo are indeed different! So different that it makes you laugh of many other musical projects…

Cromelech CD review by Nicola Chiavari, Spectrum + BaseBog

by Nicola Chiavari, Spectrum webzine + BaseBog magazine

Cromelech, secondo lavoro del Demiurgo Electronic Music Project, è come un viaggio nella macchina del tempo. Si entra in una stanza piena di tecnologia, software, sintetizzatori, mp3, pagine web e si esce in un’ambientazione medievale, dove la ricerca armonica, ritmica e melodica creano la colonna sonora di un racconto di fantasia. E’ questa la nota positiva, originale, di questo progetto. Il risultato non è techno, house o trance. Non è basso e batteria. Non è un ritmo martellante. E’ la colonna sonora di un viaggio fantastico che Paolo Di Pierdomenico e Luca ‘Bafometto’ Galli stanno scrivendo. E’ la descrizione di ambienti, personaggi e avvenimenti con degli strumenti che troppo spesso generano solamente risultati commerciali.
Come se l’originalità non bastasse, questo demo ha un taglio tutto suo: non è un punto di arrivo, ma un punto di partenza. Contrariamente a molti altri progetti, Demiurgo distribuisce gratuitamente questo materiale per avere un feedback dagli ascoltatori. Per scoprire pregi e difetti di ciò che stanno narrando hanno messo a disposizione le tracce mp3 nel loro sito Alcune tracce non sono ‘ritoccate’ [raw mix], altre sono in via di sviluppo, altre sono quasi definitive. Ascoltateli e giudicate!

Cromelech CD review by Stefania Carezzoli, 21st Century Music

by Stefania Carezzoli, 21st Century Music

English version

Demiurgo, alias Paolo Di Pierdomenico and Luca Galli, shows a really peculiar kind of electronic. It’s a sort of medieval past mixed to new age and fantasy and electronic soundtracks, where keyboards are played with a magic touch and security, to create very nice passages and suggestive sounds for which it’s impossible not to be involved. The knowledge of this music of the past permits to Demiurgo to work very well in the rhythms, to reflect a special electronic into notes seem so far from it. An Italian duo who plays with great cure and passion, showing once again that the talent often works in the silence and indifference of mass media.

Italian version

Demiurgo, alias Paolo Di Pierdomenico e Luca Galli, mostrano un genere di elettronica molto particolare. E’ una sorta di passato medioevale mescolato a new age, fantasy e colonne sonore elettroniche, dove le tastiere sono suonate con un tocco magico e sicurezza, per creare ottimi passaggi e suoni suggestivi per i quali è impossibile non essere coinvolti. La conoscenza di questa musica del passato permette ai Demiurgo di lavorare molto bene nei ritmi, per riflettere un’elettronica speciale nelle note che sembrano così lontane da essa. Un duo italiano che suona con grande cura e passione, mostrando ancora una volta che il talento spesso lavora nel silenzio e nell’indifferenza dei mass media.

The Consensus reviews The Waiting

The indipendent music review site The Consensus has published yesterday five short reviews of
The Waiting, our song from Cromelech Music Project.
The final score given to this track is 7/10, not bad.

Some interesting quotes follow.

For some reason this reminds me of the music found on the old game ‘Descent 2′. A lot of bass, a slightly menacing distorted synthline playing lead, trading off with some nice pad sweeps after a little while. This song sounds very nice coming from a fairly nice pair of speakers. […]


Deep eclectic synth basslines erupt out of the depths of Jupiter or some such massive orb. Then the tree frogs take over. Well structured and a good flow to this electronic piece.
[…] Would make a good Sci-fi soundtrack. […]


The beginning of this song is very dark and then it reminds me of being in a cave. Again, there is this “something wicked this way comes” feeling to it which I really liked.
[…] This would be great for film/television and maybe even e-cards. […]

(Ms. Commerciality)


The Waiting review at garageband

Reviewed by: FlipMartian, February 22nd, 2007

Nice Intro…
An interesting, dramatic intro. The track is nicely split into various parts that link together nicely and has some interesting synth textures.

Chord Structure – not much to say here other than that its fine – the track pushes along nicely and has enough variation to keep it from getting boring.

Mood – I don’t get a heavy sense of a particular mood. At times its a bit melancholic, other times dramatic. The last part is pretty strident and triumphant.

Rhythm – some interesting sounds used for the drum track. It pushes the rest of the track along nicely and adds something – fitting well with the rest of the instruments/sounds.

This is a well put together track, made by someone who obviously knows what they’re doing and which is well worth a download.

Extra Credit: Programming.

The Waiting Review by Ripping Tracks

Reviewed by: gordon February 13th, 2007

A Contemporary Classic

Demiurgo have a style that is like classical music. This track was a pleasant, easy listen and had a rather dramatic feel to it. I could compare this to Jean Michel Jarre and yes, it will appeal to his fans, but it’s not the same though. It seems to have a lot more classical sensibility through it. Lots of minor keys and a vaguely bitter sweet feel that made me think of Russians running around bleak post communist towns wearing furry hats. Think spy stories with lots of vodka and ice, throw in a few high tech gizmos, stamp made for TV on the film frachise, then you’ve got the picture.

By Shadows and Glory reviews by Rams Music

by Shanna, Rams Music

Very pretty and inspirational. Reminds me of a soundtrack to an computer RPG, though. Great arrangement, professional-sounding production. The delicate lead keys put me in another world. The tragic transition in the middle of the track adds a classical level to the song. Great job!!

  • Originality – 19/20
  • Re-Playability – 18/20
  • Sound – 19/20

by Keegan, Rams Music

I was impressed, and then again I wasn’t. I really enjoyed the soothing melody. It reminded me of a theme from The Never-Ending Story. Reason enough to give more than one listen. It did however, lack a solid percussion attempt. Not to mention a troubled breakdown that faltered as Demiurgo attempted to progress the track. As an New Age fan, I enjoy this music from time to time and I did enjoy the track overall, but, I would try to illuminate the drums just a tad. With that being said, good job.

  • Originality – 17.5/20
  • Re-Playability – 14.0/20
  • Sound – 16.0/20