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Astray EP

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Astray EP cover by Paolo Di Pierdomenico

  1. Astray music by Paolo Di Pierdomenico
  2. Astray (remastered) music by Paolo, remastered by Eternal Ice
  3. Greenblue music by Eternal Ice based on Astray sources
  4. Autum Sun music by Eternal Ice based on Astray sources

About Astray EP

Electronic Dark Ambient and Low-Fi Cyberpunk Soundscapes.
Originally released for the RainWave project


Astray original version:

  • Music, electronics and rainmaker by Paolo Di Pierdomenico.
  • Ambience recording RainWave seed by Dan Downey
Astray remastered version and remixes:
  • Astray remastered by Eternal Ice
  • Greenblue remix: by Eternal Ice
  • Autum Sun remix: by Eternal Ice
  • sound sources by Paolo Di Pierdomenico, Dan Downey

Paolo Veneziani’s lambda suite, Brian Eno’s on land, Purusha’s iro ep, William Gibson’s short sories

Thanks to
Dan Downey and all the RainWavers, Purusha and ogredung netlabelEternal IcePaolo Veneziani, Dhemofoonte @ ogredung, .:::nithafield:::.