“7 Virtues for a Wandering Spirit” EP – Digital & Vinyl

Dive into the transcendent sounds of Demiurgo’s EP, “7 Virtues for a Wandering Spirit”, available for purchase in both digital and exclusive limited edition vinyl formats.

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This EP is a rich auditory exploration of a spirit navigating the fringed space between life and death. Each track in “7 Virtues for a Wandering Spirit” symbolizes a virtue, guiding a wandering spirit through a transformative journey. The music blends haunting ambient textures with progressive electronic elements, creating soundscapes that are both reflective and captivating.

The EP is crafted with Demiurgo’s signature approach to harmonic and rhythmic innovation. From the contrasting themes of darkness and light to the nuanced interplay of distortion and melodies, “7 Virtues for a Wandering Spirit” marks a bold step in the project’s evolution.

The digital edition features a special bonus track: the dynamic “Vigilance” remix by DJ Kenneth A, adding an energetic dimension to the EP.

The limited edition vinyl provides an immersive physical experience of the EP, perfect for collectors and audiophiles alike. With only 25 lathe-cut copies produced, this special edition is a tangible embodiment of Demiurgo’s artistic vision, offering a unique way to experience the depth of the music.

The artwork, featuring a striking photograph by Paolo Veneziani, perfectly captures the dark nature of the work.

About the vinyl

Discover the ethereal nature of “7 Virtues for a Wandering Spirit” in its most tangible form with this limited edition 12’’ transparent lathe-cut vinyl. Only 25 copies produced.

The analog warmth and richness of the vinyl format truly complement the EP’s blend of ambient and electronic elements, bringing a new dimension to the listening experience.

The vinyl also features visually striking artwork by Paolo Veneziani, which embodies the EP’s themes of light and darkness, further enhancing the collector’s value of this unique piece.

Owning this vinyl is not just about adding a record to your collection; it’s an opportunity to engage with the music on a deeper level.


    1. Vigilance – 02:27
    2. Persistence – 02:53
    3. Temperance – 03:56
    4. Remembrance – 03:35
    5. Luminance – 02:40
    6. Resonance – 04:12

~ Released Jan 13, 2024

All tracks composed and produced by Paolo Di Pierdomenico
Cover photography by Paolo Veneziani @snekula.
Logo and artwork by Luca Tranfaglia