Single “ESP Unlocking” by Demiurgo & Kindread project

ESP Unlocking artwork for electronic music release

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In a dystopian world where corporations have dulled consciences to control the masses, a group of hackers discovers how an audio code can free them from constraints and open their minds to a new range of Extra Sensory Perceptions. With this new power, the rebellion can be started.

Born as a remote collaboration between Kindread Project, and Demiurgo, this track is the first of a cyberpunk-inspired EP in the works.

“The dream machines. They were supposed to do certain highly arcane things to the vision sites in the brain and the auditory processing centers. You would sort of look at them and sort of hear them, and yet it never felt much like anything […] a semi-inaudible theme of music-not-music.”
Bruce Sterling, Holy Fire

This is also part of a compilation “Distance, Connection, Creation VI” promoted by the Synth Cafe collective (an Italian group of synth enthusiasts), where each track is made by two artists collaborating remotely. The compilation is name-your-price on Bandcamp only.

~ released July, 01 2022
Composer: Paolo Di Pierdomenico aka Demiurgo
Artwork: Luca Tranfaglia and Paolo Di Pierdomenico
Video: Paolo Di Pierdomenico aka Demiurgo


ESP Unlocking – official music video

Video by Paolo Di Pierdomenico