Single: “Clairvoyance” by Demiurgo

Clairvoyance artwork by Demiurgo

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Introducing “Clairvoyance,” the first single from my upcoming EP “7 Virtues for a Wandering Spirit.” This track represents a new direction in Demiurgo’s electronic music project, merging ambient and experimental elements with dark and industrial ones to create a unique auditory experience.

“We, spirits wandering beyond time, can see what lies ahead in a maze of possibilities. Peer into the future, and learn to discern the melody hidden within the endless noise.”

The Track: “Clairvoyance” offers a blend of intricate atmospheric sounds and rhythms with simple melodies. It’s designed to evoke a sense of introspection, serving as a prelude to the themes and styles to be fully explored in the forthcoming EP.

Creative Process: In creating “Clairvoyance,” I’ve focused on sound and rhythms design using mainly analogue synths, digital effects, and chromatic percussions, composed to achieve a balance between complexity and listenability. The track features a mix of polyrhythms, subtle distortions, and melodic elements.

“7 Virtues for a Wandering Spirit” concept: the EP tells the tale of a spirit lingering on Earth, trapped in a ghostly existence. Each track is a chapter in this spirit’s quest to balance a natural inclination towards darkness with the acquisition of virtues that might free it from its ethereal shackles. It’s a story of the transformative power of virtue and a dark electronic ode to the spirit’s eternal quest to ascend.

Upcoming Releases: “Clairvoyance” leads the way, followed by “Vigilance” and its accompanying remix by DJ Kenneth A on December 11, setting the tone for the full EP release in January 2024.

Exclusive Vinyl Edition:

Pre-order your copy of “7 Virtues for a Wandering Spirit” today and step into a world where sound narrates the unseen, a new soundtrack for your imagination. The EP is available also as exclusive limited edition vinyl, only 25 copies.

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“Clairvoyance” by Demiurgo~ released Novembre 19th, 2023 (all platforms)

Composer: Paolo Di Pierdomenico aka Demiurgo
Artwork: Paolo di Pierdomenico, based on an engraving by Raffaello Schiaminossi.


Clairvoyance – Offical music video

Sound visualizer by Demiurgo